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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.

UST Hospital Acquires State-Of-The-Art
Bronchoscope System

8th Annual Cancer
Conference "Personalized Medicine
in Breast Cancer"
October 22-24, 2014

Postgraduate Opening for the Year 2015
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  CEO's Corner
NEW USTH CEO Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, OP

The latest generation video bronchoscope

The OLYMPUS EVIS EXERA II Video System CV-190 and BF 1TH190

This system provides outstanding high-definition and high electronic magnification of mucosal changes in the airway. The improved clarity of image compared from previous systems provides more detailed observation of bronchial surfaces for more accurate diagnosis of airway lesions. The system is also equipped with narrow band imaging technology, a new diagnostic tool that uses the blue and green bandwidths of light which provide an enhanced image of the superficial and deep vascular changes in the bronchial mucosa. Since these vascular changes are correlated with early mucosal changes in cancer, narrow band imaging is useful for the detection of early lung cancer. Furthermore, the insertion tube of the BF1TH190 videobronchoscope can be rotated left or right up to 120 degrees. This supports easier operation, smoother insertion with less operator fatigue and faster procedural turnaround time.



Together with this system, the UST Hospital also acquired the Olympus ESG-100HF electrosurgical generator. It is an easy-to-use and safe electrosurgical generator, incorporating advanced technology for outstanding performance, ensuring fast, safe and effective desiccation as well as coagulation of endobronchial lesions that is needed in interventional pulmonology. The University of Santo Tomas Hospital is committed to excel in its health care delivery by providing excellent education and training.

Through our interventional pulmonologists, the hospital has continuously endeavoured to advance its equipment and training from basic diagnostic bronchoscopy since the 1980s and progressing to therapeutic bronchoscopy for which it is now known for.