The Core Values, Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

Our Vision

The University of Santo Tomas Hospital envisions itself as a center of excellence in medical education, training, research and healthcare services guided by Catholic principles and teachings.

Our Mission

The University of Santo Tomas Hospital commits itself to:

  • The education, training, clinical research and professional growth and development of future healthcare professionals
  • The delivery of affordable, reliable and holistic healthcare services to all, especially the poor, by competent, ethical and compassionate healthcare professionals
  • The provision of up-to-date equipment, facilities and infrastructure with patient-friendly systems and processes
  • The practice of good planning and management of resources
Our values

The University of Santo Tomas Hospital holds in highest esteem the core values of competence, commitment and compassion in the healthcare profession and service, nourished and tempered by truth and justice understood and taught within the Catholic and Dominican tradition.