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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.
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A Full Range of Multidisciplinary Services at the Benavides Cancer Institute

The Benavides Cancer Institute is dedicated to the process of advancing medical knowledge and providing compassionate,state-of-the-art cancer care complemented by a full range of prevention, early detection,treatment,rehabilitation and palliative care programs for all types of cancer. The Institute has major strengths in breast, genitourinary,pulmonary,gastro-intestinal and gynecologic cancers.A full range of medical, surgical and radiation oncology treatment facilities focusing on a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach by surgeons,medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and other sub-specialists will be offered at the Benavides Cancer Institute.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinics
Head and Neck
Adult Hematology
Pediatric Hematology Oncology
Skin and Soft Tissue and Bone
Pain Management

At the Benavides Cancer Institute,the patient gets the benefit of being seen by various specialists who are experts in their own field.As the first institution in the country with a physical structure dedicated solely to cancer care,the Benavides Cancer Institute is a one stop shop for patients who seek not only expertise but also emotional and psychological support in the their battle against the dreadful disease.Competent Surgeons, Medical Specialists and Radiation Oncologists will man the multidisciplinary clinics. One of the major services offered by the Benavides Cancer Institute includes a comprehensive multidisciplinary breast center. Several procedures are available for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases:

Screening Mammography
Screening Mammography
This includes taking two high quality images of the breast to evaluate non-palpable changes within the breast that may signify a malignant process.
Stereotactic and Ultrasound Guided Wire Localization
For biopsy of breast abnormalities.
Stereotactic and Ultrasound Guided Wire Localization
Breast Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound
Using high frequency sound waves to further evaluate a lump or mammogram finding.It may also be used to guide fine needle aspiration or core biopsy procedures. Other services offered by the breast clinic include open breast biopsy,sentinel node biopsy,breast conservation surgery and modified radical mastectomy.
It is an advanced cancer treatment that allows a focused dose of radiation in or near the tumor itself.This may be used alone or in combination with external beam radiation therapy.This may be applied to different sites,but most commonly on gynecological malignancies and also on the breast,prostate,lungs,and other indications.
The Department of Radiation Oncology offers specialist consultation in the diagnosis,evaluation and radiotherapy planning and treatment of different tumor types based on integrated patient-focused care and evidence-based treatment protocols.The various treatment modalities available are:
External Beam Radiotherapy
External Beam Radiotherapy
•Conventional and 3D conformal radiotherapy for various disease sites either as primary or in addition to other treatment modalities
•Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)for high precision treatment sparing normal tissues
•Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)and Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT)give high-dose focused radiation for intracranial tumors
•High dose rate brachytherapy for various types of cancer requiring treatment close to or within the tumor itself
– Intraluminal
– Intracavitary
– Interstitial
•Permanent prostate seed implants for prostate cancer
Ambulatory Treatment Unit
•Provides a comfortable,relaxed and healing environment for patients.
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